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17 avril 2015

Prairies, services écosystémiques et intensification écologique. Les apports du projet Mouve (I)



Grassland, ecosystem services and ecological intensification. The Mouve project - Foreword (Balent G., Dedieu B., Dobremez L., Tourrand J.F.)

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Ecological intensification prospects of fodder services provided by pastures of French mountains. A comparative analysis (Balent G., Bertoni G., Boisdon I., Capitaine M., Colace M.-P., Dobremez L., Gibon A., Gos P., Lavorel S., Loucougaray G., Mesmin X.)

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Evaluating ecosystem services provided by pastures in the Auvergne highlands (Balay C., Boisdon I., Capitaine M., Cournut S., Michelin Y.)

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Using macrophyte indices to characterise pasture management practices in 2 rural areas in the Bigorre mountains (Bertoni G., Balent G., Gibon A., Raison L., Willm J.)

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Debate and controversy surrounding the intensification of grassland use in the Vercors region of France: the farming practices and concepts under discussion (Dobremez L., Chazoule C., Doré A., Fleury P., Lavorel S., Loucougaray G., Madelrieux S., Nettier B., Pauthenet Y.)

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Grass-fed livestock systems and the development of soybean farming in Uruguay: changes in the predominant form of cattle production (Gédouin M., Saravia A., Tourrand J.F.)

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Diversity seen in French dairy farms and production regions as the era of milk production quotas comes to an end (Perrot C., Caillaud D., Chatellier V., Ennifar M., You G.)

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Gaps in our knowledge of forage value in ruminant livestock systems: analysing the opinions of experts (Maxin G., )

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An estimate of the foliar biomass accessible as forage produced by Pistacia lentiscus and Calycotome spinosa, two shrub species found in Algerian cork oak forests (Mebirouk-Boudechiche L., Boudechiche L., Bouzouraa I., Chemmam M., Cherif C., Djaballah S.)

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Evaluating the feed autonomy of dairy cattle farms found in the semi-arid Sétif region of Algeria (Bir A., Madani T., Yakhlef H.)

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