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26 janvier 2018

Réconcilier élevage, santé humaine et environnement. Pistes pour un enjeu majeur


32€ Franco de Port


Agricultural and agrifood transitions: exploring the potential roles of livestock, grasslands, and animal products (Duru M., Benoit M., Donnars C., Dumont B., Ryschawy J.)

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Using diet to increase milk nutritional quality and reduce cow methane and nitrogen release (Focant M., Archembeau Q., Dang Van Q. C., Froidmont E., Larondelle Y., Vanlierde A.)

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The technical and economic impacts of introducing lucerne into mixed crop-dairy livestock systems (Uijttewaal A., Battegay S., Carel Y.)

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Grass-based dairy systems in New Zealand: shifting agricultural trends and declining self-sufficiency (Hugonnet M., Devienne S.)

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Assessing the diversity and usage value of permanent grasslands with a classification system based on non-grass species (Theau J.P., Cruz P., Pauthenet Y.)

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How pedagogy in agricultural secondary schools is holding up under the agroecological transition: results from the Ecophyto program (Cayre P., )

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Characterising the functional response of Sulla coronaria L. to agroecological conditions in the Algerian Sahara (Moussaouali B., Hamdi Aïssa B.)

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Nutritional value of Sulla coronaria L. sampled from natural populations in northeastern Algeria (Chaker-Houd K., El-Hamza T., Maatallah S., Mebirouk-Boudechiche L.)

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Nutritional value of grass-based forage in the Lorraine region of France: 2016 values for Optival co-op farmers (Romano J.-P., )

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