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Place of permanent pastures in the forage system of the Hautes-Alpes department

Paru en 1974 dans Fourrages n°59 (page 25 à 35)

Auteurs : Chas E.

Co-auteurs :

Mots-clefs : système de production, bovin, ovin, prairie de montagne, Alpes

Résumé :

The department " Hautes-Alpes " is wholly situated within the mountainous zone (between 500 m and more than 4.000 ml ; the permanent grasslands constitute 82 % of the agricultural area, and about 70 % of the agricultural income comes from animal productions (cattle and sheep).
With cattle, dairying is the main production, together with the rearing of replacement heifers. There lire different stock-rearing systems :
- the system practised in Gapençais Champsaur, with a light utilization of the extensive areas, a dominance of leys ; intensification is possible or already in progress ;

- the extensive system of the upper valleys, with smaller areas, and, as disadvantages, an excessive parcelling, slopes, and difficulties to mechanize.
With sheep, two different types may be distinguished, according to whether the farmers use collective grazing or not.
The problems raised by these various systems
and their possibilities of evolution are discussed. 

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